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Reverse Shoulder Replacement: Definition, Signs & Symptoms, Treatment

There are thousands of happy patients that get there conventional shoulder replacements done who are suffering from severe shoulder arthritis in the past. However, this surgery might not benefit the patients that have huge rotator of cuff tears that have developed the complex form of the shoulder arthritis this is known as cuff tear of arthropathy. These patients might suffer from severe pain and limited motion if they undergo this procedure. The reverse shoulder replacement can be a definite solution for these patients.

The device used in the conservative shoulder replacement procedure is quite similar to that of the plastic cup that gets attached to the socket of the shoulder or the glenoid and on upper arm bone or humerus, to be precise, on top, attached with a metal ball. In reverse shoulder replacement, this surgery is done to switch a socket and metal ball. The ball is attached to the socket as well as the plastic cup is attached to upper-end part of the humerus bone.

As compared to the conventional shoulder replacement procedure, the total reverse shoulder substitute works much better for the patients with the cuff tear atrophy as it depends on other muscles to perform the movement of the arm. For a normal shoulder, the muscles of rotator cuff help the arm power and position properly during ROM. This replacement depends completely on a deltoid muscle of the shoulder and not in rotator cuff for position and power the arm.

Signs And Symptoms Of Reverse Shoulder Replacement

• Pain:
When the pain progresses with time or becomes worse while physical activity or becomes a problem during sleep hours, it is a clear indication that something is wrong with your shoulder that you need to be concerned about.
• Shoulder Instability:
If your shoulder pops out of place or becomes difficult while pushing or pulling an object, it is a matter of concern.
• Muscle Atrophy:
The reduced motion can result in a decrease in the muscles because of the reduced work.
• Swelling Of The Area:
When a body part reacts to an injury, the first natural instinct is swelling that happens to protect the area. It is a clear sign from your body that something is wrong.
• The Loss Of Motion:
This limits you from arm extensions. If your arm is getting stiff day by day, you need to visit the doctor as soon as possible.
• Tender Skin:
If you feel pain while touching the shoulder area or if it pains while sleeping, it is a thing to matter.
• Crepitus:
If you hear sounds of clicking or popping while shoulder movement, Crepitus is formed between the cartilage and the bone by friction.

Treatment Of The Reverse Shoulder Replacement

The ball and the socket are reversed in the process of reverse shoulder replacement. Your doctor will make a cut on either the front or on the top side of the shoulder and remove the damaged bone surgically and then fix the new components to get back the functions of your shoulder. Most of the patients after the reverse shoulder replacement surgical treatment get back to their normal working of the shoulder and arm.

While these patients will get relieved from the constant pain, the motion recovery will get back to them slowly because of the long duration of disuse and de-conditioning of their shoulder muscles such as the deltoid. After the surgery, you will be given a rehabilitation program for more than three months keeping your injury in mind to get the best results from the artificial joint.

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