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Partial Knee Replacement Can Put An End To Pain

Osteoarthritis is a very common disease. This disease, which usually affects the bones and the joints, is mostly seen in older men and women. It can make life very difficult for the affected people as it makes even simple movements extremely painful. Osteoarthritis mostly affects the knee joint, which is a joint extremely vital to any leg movement. Osteoarthritis of the knee even though it is very painful, can be cured easily using various corrective surgeries. Once the disease is diagnosed by a professional, you can decide which surgery works best for you and act accordingly to ensure that you never have to be in pain again!

What is the Partial Knee Replacement?

Doctors go for the partial knee replacement surgery when only one of the knees of the patient has been affected by osteoarthritis. In total knee replacement surgeries, the replacement of the knee joint is done on both the knees, but this is, of course, unnecessary if you have osteoarthritis on only one knee. In such a case, you can opt for the partial knee replacement which allows the knee replacement procedure to be carried out only on one knee. The joint of the affected knee is operated on, and once the recovery period is over, you can continue with your daily life without any pain in your joints at all! So, what are you waiting for? If you have been in unbearable pain because of osteoarthritis, see your doctor today!

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee can be very painful. If you are feeling a constant pain in your knees, that intensifies when you move or try to walk, or if you have been sitting for a long time, it might be time to see a doctor who can properly diagnose whether you have osteoarthritis of the knee or not. In a lot of cases, the pain in the knees can be because of some other bone disease, and it can be hard to tell whether you have got osteoarthritis or not. However, certain symptoms are exclusive to this particular disease, and if you are experiencing one or more of them, it might very well be a case of osteoarthritis of the knee.

The symptoms are listed below.

• Extreme pain at joints during movement that gets better with rest
• Swelling in the joints, especially knees and ankles
• The feeling of slight warmth in the knees and other joints
• Stiffness in the joints, especially if you have not moved for a while
• Cracking sound in the bones and joints, more so when you move
• Decreased mobility, making it difficult to sit, walk or even lie down

Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

In a lot of cases, osteoarthritis of the knee is best treated using surgery. Total Knee Replacement or Unicompartmental (Partial) Knee Replacement or UKR are two most commonly used methods of treating osteoarthritis of the knee. In these surgeries, the knee joint is replaced using synthetic implants. These implants mimic and act the same way that the knee joint does so that you can use your legs and knees with perfect ease and no problems at all. The implants are aligned in a manner that allows them to act in the same manner as the actual biological knee joint so that you can enjoy complete freedom of movement. The best thing about Partial Knee Replacement surgery is that after you have been operated on, the recovery period is completely painless and you will soon be able to live life as you had never had osteoarthritis of the knee in the first place!

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