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Know About Primary/ Simple Total Hip Replacement

It is very common nowadays for people to suffer from arthritis or fractures. Sometimes it damages the hips.
In such cases, simple tasks like walking and other things can be a bit difficult. There are chances that your hip will feel stiff. Such cases sometimes require a hip replacement for the treatment.

What is  Simple Total Hip Replacement?

There are many causes that require the total hip replacement. Some of those diseases are mentioned below.

• Osteoarthritis: This disease is basically age-related. They are mostly known as the ‘wear and tear’ arthritis. The patients are mostly above 50 years of age. Also, they often have a history of arthritis in the family

• Rheumatoid Arthritis: This disease is an autoimmune one, to be honest. Inflammation or thickening of the synovial membrane can be the cause of the disease. This thickening can be the reason for a serious damage to the cartilage. The patients often complain of stiffness and pain.

• Post-Traumatic Arthritis: This particular arthritis is a follow up of a fracture or a hip injury. The damage to the cartilage can be the reason for stiffness and hip pain.

• Childhood Hip Related Diseases: There are some rare cases when children and infants have problems associated with the hip. Of course, these diseases are treated successfully when the children are of young age. But then, these problems may lead to arthritis.

Signs And Symptoms Of  Simple Total Hip Replacement 

There are different signs and symptoms of the diseases that may lead to a primary total hip replacement.

• There is a recurring pain in the hips which happens all the time
• There is an aching in the hips whenever you perform any kind of exercise
• There is no longer the same mobility as you want it to be
• Medication doesn’t have any effect. You don’t have the relief that you want
• When you sit for a very long time, your hip stiffens
• Rainy weather can have a very painful effect on the hips
• You are not able to sleep because of the pain
• You have a swollen and stiff hip
• You cannot walk or climb the stairs
• You cannot get out of car seats, chairs
• Morning stiffness is very common for you

These are the following symptoms which tell you that you might need a hip replacement. Make sure that you consult a doctor once you find out about such symptoms.

Treatment Of  Simple Total Hip Replacement

There are different treatment options for the diseases. Before the hip replacement, you need to make sure that these methods are tested on you.

• Medication: Pain management is one of the methods of treatments for hip arthritis. Medications are used for the management of pain. Injections are one of the medications that doctors prescribe for the treatment of arthritis. These medications also happen to reduce the irritation of the nerves.

• Physical Therapy: Exercises and physical therapy allow the patient to be more flexible. They will make the hips smoother and easy. You could practice tai chi, yoga, swimming. Proper posture and stretching exercises are the best way to achieve that.

• Self-Routine: Physical labour can be the cause of arthritis. Sometimes obesity can be the cause of arthritis. So, the best option would be to lose weight in here. Reducing the pressure on the joints will be a good way. Apart from that, several self-routine methods can be a great way to battle arthritis.

• Supplements: There are many alternative therapies and other supplements that doctors use to treat the patients with arthritis. You will have to consult a doctor before you go for the supplements.
Primary total hip replacement can be a great way to treat arthritis. Consult your physician right now if you have any problems.

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