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Primary Complex  ( THR )

Osteoarthritis can be defined as a typical form of arthritis which basically denotes that breaking down of the cartilage or the loss of the joints. The cartilage is an important part of the human body which basically serves the purpose of a cushion that helps to protect the bones.

What Is Primary Complex  ( THR )?

This joint disease is certainly one of the most common ones among many other diseases of the joints. This disease mostly affects the people who are of age. For the people who are below the age of 45, osteoarthritis mostly has its effect on the males. However, females also experience osteoarthritis at the age after 55.

Osteoarthritis mostly has its effect on the spine, legs, hands, and the joints that bear large weights as well. The common examples are the knees and the hips.

Scientists haven’t been able to find the actual reason of osteoarthritis except that fact that it is caused by age. It is often referred to as the primary osteoarthritis. After the identification of the cause of osteoarthritis, it is known as secondary. Primary or secondary arthritis can be treated by primary complex total hip replacement.

Signs And Symptoms Of Primary Complex  ( THR )

The conditions and symptoms of osteoarthritis are spread over different parts of the body. This means that there will be a lot of symptoms for you to identify that you need primary complex THR.

• One of the most common ones of the symptoms that can make your doubt certain is the paint that affects the joints. Joint pain is something that can lead to further episodes of pain in the finger joints, hip pain, knee pain, wrist and foot pain, and whatnot. Shoulder pain is also included in the list

• Apart from that, there is a certain swelling and creaking in the joints that are affected by the disease.

• Stiffness and regular pain in the joints are also very common symptoms of osteoarthritis. This occurs when the body has been inactive for some time.

• When the case gets severe, there is also a loss of the cushion known as the cartilage. This cushion loss causes friction in the bones which further enhances the pain.

Different patients show different signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis. These patients can efficiently be debilitated by studying the symptoms. Some other patients show fewer symptoms.

The signs and symptoms of the disease are clear indicators that you must go and visit a specialist that deals with such diseases and their treatment options. Consulting a doctor would be the best thing to do at that time.

Treatment Of Primary Complex  ( THR )

The ultimate goal of undergoing the treatment of osteoarthritis is to decrease the pain that affects the hips and the joints. The treatment is done so as to improve the functioning of the joints and the hips.

There are some patients that don’t really require the treatment procedures done on them.

However, there are certain patients that can rely on the conservative measures which include proper diet, exercise, control of the weight, physical therapy and pretty much everything else.

Apart from that, occupational therapy, hip replacement surgery, braces, and support devices are some things that are pretty common nowadays.

These support devices and treatment methods are really important whenever the hips and knees are involved in osteoarthritis.

Whenever medication is to be taken, they are mostly recommended to be taken orally and topically instead of other options. These medications have the use of complementing the physical treatment procedures.

In case the medications and other measures fail to provide the desired effects, then primary complex THR surgery can be done to treat the diseases.

If you have any condition like that, it will be a good idea to consult the doctor for the proper treatment and diagnosis.

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