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Everything You Need To Know About Kidney – Dialysis Patient

People who are suffering from kidney failure or have damaged kidney cannot eliminate the waste from the body by themselves. Also, the blood remains impure if the waste is not thrown out. Dialysis is the artificial method of carrying out this particular process. It is also sometimes known as the renal replacement theory because it performed the function of what a healthy kidney normally does. Thus dialysis is an absolute necessary treatment for the patients suffering from kidney problems or failures as without it they are likely to die. So if you are wondering about the disease and its treatment then keep on reading this.

What is the disease?

The disease that needs people to use dialysis is known as kidney failure or renal disease. Kidney failures can be of two types, acute and the chronic kidney failure. Some of the reasons why acute kidney failures occur are –

• If the blood supplied to the kidneys is insufficient
• If the urine flow gets obstructed, then it might result in acute kidney failure
• If toxic substances or allergens attack the kidneys.

Reasons for gradual or chronic kidney failure are –

• Diabetes of type I or type II
• A very high blood pressure
• Glomerulonephritis which is the inflammation of glomeruli.
• A long-term attack on our kidneys which are autoimmune
• Obstruction of the urinary tract for a prolonged period.
Sign and Symptoms of the disease
• Fatigue – people suffering from kidney disease remain tired all the time.
• Cold – patients suffering from it constantly feel cold while others feel the same climatic conditions as warm
• Breath – patients have shortness of breath whenever they do something with a little effort. The constant feel weak, dizzy and faint too.
• An itchy feeling and trouble to think very clearly
• A swollen and puffy face along with the entire hands and feet look swollen.
• Stomach feels upset. Vomiting and nausea are very frequent in kidney patients.
• The breath of patients can smell of ammonia, and the urine might look bubbly and foamy
• Also whenever you urinate, you feel a pressure in the bladder. The color of the urine might be purple-red or brown.
If you face any of these symptoms, then you need to contact a doctor immediately and get dialysis done.


If you are in the early stages of any of the chronic kidney disease, then you might not always need dialysis. In case of kidney failures, patients need a kidney transplant or regular dialysis to keep them alive and functional. 2 different types of dialysis can be done to treat the patients they are peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. In case of hemodialysis artificial kidneys are used to remove the waste from your body. For this, minor surgery is done in the leg and arm of the patients to get access to the blood. They are purified and pumped back to the body after dialysis.

In peritoneal dialysis, the blood gets cleared inside the body of the patients. A catheter is inserted into the belly where the abdominal area gets filed with a dialysate; the extra waste is drawn out of the blood into that fluid. It is to be noted that dialysis does not cure the disease of kidney failures. It simply keeps the patient alive. If you do not want to go for kidney dialysis, then you could get a kidney transplant from someone else and prevent this situation. Make sure to consult an experienced nephrologist, one who deals with an issue related to the kidney for proper treatment.

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